News Updates, Pet Projects - 2018

Miss Steph Talent Hunt

In connection with our mission of supporting the less privileged and offering more chances in life, the management of the foundation has not only succeeded in achieving their aims, but we are also offering better chances to individuals to have a sustainable life by creating/sponsoring job opportunities. Individuals are now encouraged to learn new things and work through various movements/organizations among which gave birth to Steph Fashion House, Steph Talents Event, Pizzamore Nigerian/Italian Restaurant and many more direct and indirect opportunities that have been actualized and some that are yet to be actualized.
Over the past six (6) months report has it that roughly total of Seven-Five (75) individuals from Port Harcourt and outside Port Harcourt had benefited from this movement. Steph Fashion House currently, has employed about Eight (8) and Sponsoring Five (5) individuals, Steph Talent Event about Eleven (11) young Talents who are being empowered by the Foundation. At the restaurant, we have about Forty-Two (42) individuals also benefiting.
We believe in the saying “Do not just give Fishes but teach them how to Fish then you will solve the problem of so many.”