Activity Qty Place Initiator   Amount
 Community Borehole 1  Iyo Polo Community  Preye Moses  1,260,000
 Laptop  3  Individuals  Success David  490,000
 Sewing Machine  3  Marian Missionaries  Daniella Adinusor  250,000
 Learning Materials  Lots  Community Primary School Amadi  Divine Bernard  150,000

Rosemary Wofuru was diagnose of Recurrent Spontaneous Epistaxis Complicating Nasal Tumor at Lebiibs Specialist Hospital Limited and needed Emergency Surgical Operation. Steph Foundation was contacted to assist with the medical bill.

After due process, Steph Foundation issued a cheque of N200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand Naira) to the hospital on the 26/10/2016 and it was presented by Miss. Daniella Adinusor the Steph Queen 2016 for the Surgical Operation to commence.

At Steph Foundation it is a privilege to help.




Steph Foundation has just completed the installation of borehole at Iyo Polo Community (Marine Base) Tonipirima-Ama, Port Harcourt which cost us N1.2m and it was commissioned on Monday the 22nd of October, 2016.

We are happy with the testimonies from the people of that community.

It is our culture at Steph Foundation to add value to life.

Letter of Appreciation

Pap smear test for 15 female candidates being conducted on 15 and 16 of September at Ponyx hospital for the prevention of cervical cancer.



Steph Foundation has just concluded the screening & prevention of Cervical Cancer by running Pap Smear Test for 16 ladies and we are glad to announce that the results were all Normal.
Sarah O. Bebe-Utomi was privileged to be one of these ladies and I am thankful to Steph Foundation for this act of kindness.
As an insider and one of the Trustees of Steph Foundation. There is this famous saying “Charity begins at Home”. Steph Foundation act of charity actually started from home and it has gone outside, so widely spread that a lot of people from all these states (Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Lagos, Abuja etc) are smiling because of the effect of Steph Foundation on their lives.
At Steph Foundation we consider it a privilege to help.

Sarah Bebe-Utomi

Steph Foundation Executive Secretary

Prostate specific antigen (PSA) screening sponsored by Steph Foundation

Miss Steph 2016, Daniella Ozioma Adinusor was the host of the new initiative of Steph Foundation, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening, held on 24th of May, 2016 on Ponyx Hospitals, Port Harcourt. Under the supervision of Dr. A. D. Ogbonna and Ponyx Hospitals GM Dr. Andy, the screening was a real success.



Venue: Hospital - Ponyx Hospitals, Port Harcourt

Date: 24th of May


Truly of all health campaigns that I have been exposed to, this is one most essential of them all, the prostate cancer awareness, this campaign was championed by Steph foundation
The campaign started off with an medical awareness then prostate specific antigen screening sponsored by Steph foundation for a free 13 individuals randomly selected to remove all bias 23% were found values above normal (4-10)values, 0% were extreme values(>10), 67% are normal values(0-4)
The essence of the is early diagnosis and treatment which in more than 35% of cases are found to have resolved a lot of cases

Remember greater risk are found in black African men who eat more red meat and fatty diet, but to prevent them please eat more tomatoes, water melon, grape fruit and garlic

Where we can help Steph foundation is a sure ground to help


Dr Ogbonna A D

Steph Foundation would be sponsoring Aberefia Bebe for surgery in July 2016.

The beneficiary is actually booked to be admitted in the clinic on the 4th of July, 2016 for surgery (Uterine fibroid of about 18 weeks size)
The total cost is N349,500.00 (Three hundred & forty-nine thousand, five hundred naira only)

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To support the least privileged individuals, offering more chances in life.


Starting from an initial capital of 5 million Naira (year 2014) to increase constantly and become a leading charity/skills development foundation in Nigeria.


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