Monday, 24th of September, 2018 was a memorable and meaningful moments for Steph Foundation. It was her first visit to Port-Harcourt Orphanage Home, a target of getting aware of the status of the orphanage and see how any kind of relieve plans our Foundation would offer to them in the future.



The visitation was organized by Port-Harcourt Club Members and sponsored by Steph Foundation by providing Lunch of 50 Meat Pies, 30 Donuts, 10 Large Pizza, 30 Plates of Rice and Chicken and 20 Pieces of Juice/soft drinks.



In attendance with some Port-Harcourt Club members were Dr. (AMBP) Stefano Piotti, (The Chairman) Mrs. Bayo-Alolade Opeyemi (Office Administrator) and Miss Dan-Brown Sarah (Foundation Charity Queen).



The quad arrived at the orphanage home at exactly 2:00pm and were gladly received by Mrs. Gift Eke, the Matron In-Charge of the Home and her delegations. Mrs. Eke Started with a welcoming speech by revealing the status of and challenges faced by them. Dr. (AMBP) Stefano reciprocated with a brief introduction of the foundation after which moving round of the Children Hostel was led by Mrs. Eke. There were Two (2) different Hotels, inside were children from 3months to 10 years Old some healthy while some are unhealthy who truly need care/ medical attention.



Shortly after that, Lunch with some other gift items were presented to the Children. We could feel the joy that filled their hearts.
The visitation ended with Dr. Stefano’s Speech of interest to partner with the Orphanage Home in due time.




To support the least privileged individuals, offering more chances in life.


Starting from an initial capital of 5 million Naira (year 2014) to increase constantly and become a leading charity/skills development foundation in Nigeria.


  • "Helping the persons in need is a privilege for few"
    Stefano Piotti
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