• Pick up a form from our Office or send your application via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Attach necessary documents to your application where required (see Requirements for Application)
  • Wait patiently for our representative to contact you for further information

Note: Processing time for all qualified and approved application is 30-60days


Medical Bills:

  1. An Application Letter
  2. A Detailed Letter from the Hospital. Letter must be printed on the Hospital’s Letter Head Paper, duly stamped or sealed with signature of the Doctor in charge.
  3. Account details of the Hospital
  4. Contact Details of the Doctor in charge

School Fees:

  1. An Application Letter
  2. Detailed Letter from your school requesting you to make such payment. This must be printed on the School’s Letter Head Paper, duly signed or stamped with signature of the Head of the School
  3. The School Account Details and Contact Number/School website


  1. An Application Letter
  2. Address or Location of the Apartment
  3. Contact Number of The Landlord/Agent
  4. Account Details of Landlord/Agent

Business Support:

  1. An Application Letter stating Budget and Type of Business
  2. Business Plan for the Business
  3. Beneficiary Account Details and contact number


  1. An Application Letter stating type of programme
  2. Completed Application form from the Centre of Empowerment Programme
  3. Location/Address of the Empowerment Programme
  4. Account Number and contact details of the Client.


Decision will be made by the Chairman of the Foundation.


  • Urgent requirement for Minor Assistance up to N50,000 are processed by the Chairman.
  • Maximum amount for single Case is generally fixed N100,000, exceptions shall be evaluated on case by case basis.
  • Upon receipt of funds, the Beneficiary has to send an acknowledgement, not doing so will make the Beneficiary not qualified for further contribution.

 Download the Application Form


To support the least privileged individuals, offering more chances in life.


Starting from an initial capital of 5 million Naira (year 2014) to increase constantly and become a leading charity/skills development foundation in Nigeria.


  • "Helping the persons in need is a privilege for few"
    Stefano Piotti
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